Long Term Weight Management

Lisa 33 - Before children I was always a very active person and besides working 38 hours a week I had plenty of time to myself and do things I love, like exercise. But pregnancy did not suit me well at all and the only thing that made me feel better was to eat. This left me extremely overweight and lacking any sort of motivation to do anything about it.I found it hard to find the time to plan, cook and exercise to lose the weight that other weight loss plans require. METS has been the easiest, simplest and the least time consuming programme i have experienced, and best off all it works. They made it so easy to understand, and having the results of not just your weight, but your whole wellbeing right there in front of you makes the process so much more motivating. I have now lost 22kg over 9 months and have 15 more to go and have no doubt I can do it.

Gary 54 - Since embarking on the METS program I have lost 8 kilograms and experienced a huge increase in my energy levels. My weight loss continues as I follow the METS process. The diet regime is easy to follow and, surprisingly, I am able to go from one meal to the next without becoming hungry. In the first four weeks my weight reduction was quite noticeable, resulting in at least a 4 centimetre reduction in my waist measurement, forcing me to tighten my belt two notches so far. I was very impressed by the scientific approach which helped me understand exactly what was happening and how to resolve my weight and energy issues. As an over 50's hockey player, the increase in my energy level has allowed me to play whole games at full pace and still have plenty of energy left after wards. I was amazed. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending this program to anyone.

Sarah 35 - Almost 2 years ago I realised I needed help.In my early 20's I started to gain weight despite having what I believed to be a healthy diet.My weight went up and down over the years, but overall it was on a steady incline...I believed I had something wrong with my metabolism and so, after googling metabolism testing, I called METS.After my first visit, using modern testing methods, I learnt there was actually nothing wrong with my metabolism, but that my body was burning energy from the wrong source, sugar instead of fat. After adjusting my diet and eating to my metabolism I started seeing results.It hasn't all been easy, there was some hormonal imbalances to deal with, detected by my METS practitioner and confirmed with their pathology request. METS has been a constant pillar of strength, guiding me and encouraging me, never chastising me and never giving up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself.To date I have lost over 10kg and I only have a couple more to lose to reach my goal, a weight I haven't been since I was about 18 years of age.

Chronic disease management - PCOS, Diabetes and Pain

Stacie 26 - I was referred to METS by my GP, struggling with PCOS and weight issues.METS has meant a lifestyle change, learning how certain things affect me - and what I must do to have the best results possible. I must admit at first I found it hard changing from what I've always done and known to something new but now it's getting easier after each appointment, I'm armed with new info and new things to try. The education and explanations have all been very helpful, it has really helped me work out how my body is working. I have now lost 7kgs which is definitely the most successful I've been so far, thank you METS.

Leon 62 - Initially METS was a great challenge, but committing to changing my health from the first session has definitely been worth it.METS testing, tools and resources have really helped me understand the impact of various lifestyle factors on my metabolism and health, and how I have progressed.Since commencing with METS I have lost over 10 kilograms and kept the weight off for over six months.My sugar levels also dropped, I have felt much healthier and it is great getting compliments telling me I have lost weight.

Patricia 42 - I have struggled with pain related to Fibromyalgia for the past 10 years and the only relief I received was through pain medication.I found that after such a long time that pills no longer helped my pain and went to my doctor again. My GP referred me to METS which I will always be grateful for.I was only with METS a couple of weeks before I noticed a drop in my pain levels. I've also lost 7kgs and feel great.I have minimal pain and because of that I have managed to start exercising and playing with my kids the way a mum should.

Health and Fitness

Scott 31 - METS has changed my life and the way I eat and look at food. Not only have I reduced my weight, I have also improved my sleep, energy, fitness and risk of heart disease. For me METS is different- they give you a plan to meet your needs and what you want to achieve, they are there to help. The information provided was very useful, particularly my file with useful tips and tracking of my progress.By the third or fourth session, I noticed a change in my body and waist line which was encouraging and drove me to complete the sessions and I will continue to use my METS programme until I reach my goal.

Aileen, 59 - I came to METS having heard about it at the gym, I was overweight, struggling to lose weight and felt unfit.The testing opened my eyes to what I have been doing to my body over the last twenty five years, I now have a complete understanding of what is right for my body.I liked the fact I didn't have to wait weeks for my results and that they enabled me to see the changes that were taking place, not just on the scale.