MHS Update

As a part of our global strategy to fight obesity METS will now be known as MHS (Metabolic Health Solutions - The good news is our evidence based programmes, qualified health professionals and passion to help you improve your health will remain the same. 

Introduction to METS

At METS we provide evidence based, metabolic management, unique in Australia. Using technology only previously available to elite athletes and scientific research we are able to obtain key information about YOUR metabolism that will help you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to losing weight, and more importantly keeping it off, gaining energy and improving your health.

METS can help you:
  • Lose weight, and keep it off
  • Learn how to burn fat
  • Gain energy and reduce fatigue
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes
  • Take control of your health

Obesity, Metabolism & Disease

Currently more than 12 million Australians (>60%) are Overweight or Obese increasing the risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoarthritis and some Cancers.

This growing problem has highlighted an urgent need for human metabolism testing and individualised programmes, as current weight management programmes largely fail, even if successful in the short term. This is because they rely on population based data which do not take into account individual variations in metabolic efficiency, body composition, hormone function and physical activity levels. This results in clients following diet and exercise routines that do not meet their metabolic needs, and consequently they do not achieve desired results.

At METS your energy production can be accurately assessed using a technology called Indirect Calorimetry- the gold standard for assessing human metabolism. Information gathered from ECAL includes your daily energy requirement at rest in calories, which source this energy is being produced from (fat or carbohydrate) and the efficiency with which you use oxygen. There will be a number of factors that determine your optimal programme, including your current energy profile, whether or not you are seeking to lose weight, or are trying to increase your energy levels.

Who are we?

METS is the clinical division of Energy Testing Solutions (ETSA), an Australian company that specialises in human energy testing and associated energy treatments.

ETSA has developed technology to enable effective metabolic management, designed and built in Australia, with CE and TGA approvals.

METS combines this unique metabolic technology with evidence based nutrition and exercise protocols, to deliver a truly individualised programme of long term health improvement. All METS practitioners are qualified allied health professionals, with professional and Medicare registration.