M5 - Metabolic Kick Start Programme

We eliminate the guesswork involved with weight loss by having one of our qualified staff accurately measure and assess your unique metabolism and body composition using validated, research based technologies to design and adapt a nutrition and activity programme tailored just for YOU.

M5 combines our validated testing programmes with 5 weeks of personalised professional care to help you to understand how your body works, what lifestyle strategies are best suited to your unique metabolism and enable you to kick start your health and weight loss goals.

What you get with M5

Your 5 week management programme will incorporate 5 visits and the following key aspects required to help you achieve your goals including:

  • Regular metabolic testing (x5)
  • Body composition assessment (x2)
  • One on one counselling (x 5)
  • Individualised dietary advice
  • Personalised exercise prescription
  • Education and resources

Who would benefit from M5?

M5 is our entry level management programme targeted at those looking to lose weight, gain energy and improve health who have strong motivation and support to continue on their own.However many clients benefit from the additional long-term support METS can provide, particularly those who are inclined to regain weight on other programmes.If you would like help with long-term, life changing weight loss please ask about our Lifestyle Management Programme.

About METS managed care programmes

METS also offers personalised programmes for weight loss and chronic conditions such as metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, fatigue and chronic pain. Regular testing enables us to monitor, assess and refine your nutrition, activity and lifestyle programme based on your individual metabolic changes.

Our managed care programmes will provide you with the resources, support and motivation you require to make lifelong changes and achieve your health and weight loss goals.

If you have any further queries please don?t hesitate to ask one of our friendly qualified health professionals today.